Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yawn.....I'm tired!

You know, I just love having lots of fun stuff on the calendar, but it simply doesn't leave much time for sleep!

Friday night was our night to hang out at home and I did get some things done....but that was it!

Saturday started off with a bang - a birthday party for my youngest sons classmate Daisy. Two hours with 15 - 20 five year olds....WHEW! I had to run a few errands after that, eat lunch with the boys and Randy, then Randy and I had to get ready for a fund raiser for our high school Post-Prom. We had that function for 4 hours and then it didn't stop from there.....my husband was having a great time and didn't want to go home, so we headed to a local bar where it seemed like everyone had the same idea we did. It was lots of fun and for my husband, it was a little too much fun....he got a little tipsy! ha! He was funny and borderline obnoxious, so we headed home, where he proceeded to get sick....serves him right for not eating when I told him too! ha!

I was up taking care of my husband until 2:30 a.m., then my oldest son woke up because he had wet the bed - so I was changing sheets and cleaning that up, then when I finally laid down - Randy started to get sick again, UGH!!! I don't know how much sleep I got, but according to the dark circles under my eyes still today....it wasn't much! I'm glad Randy had fun, he rarely over drinks like he did, and I'm glad that I could serve as his designated driver - he got home safely and that is very important! According to him he is never drinking again! ha! ha! (We've all been there honey and I'm not going to hold you to your words! ha!)

Sunday was fun....Randy had lots of guy things to do and I had a fun day planned with my boys. First thing on my list was a hike with our black lab, Lucy. With the winter cold, I feel like she doesn't get enough exercise as she needs, so the warmer weather gave me an opportunity to get her out and get some miles on my running schedule. It was fun and I know she enjoyed it!

Next on our list....ILLINI BASKETBALL! I was able to get two extra tickets to the game and took both the boys and my mom - the win was ugly, but the second half was very exciting and the boys got to see Michael Jordan, which is always fun. One day we will actually meet him - we've seen him about 6 times now - and pretty close up at the United Center game - I just keep holding out for the opportunity to finally introduce ourselves and snap a picture. Overall, super fun and despite the crowded entrance and exit - the boys had a good time and so did my mom!

Final thing on our schedule....SUPERBOWL PARTY! Since all of our guys were hanging together - my girls and I decided to have a party with us and the kids. The game was on, but I don't think we watched any of it - instead we refereed the children and ate TONS! ha! It was great to hang out with them and the kids always have fun together.

We headed home around 7:00 p.m. for a light dinner...apparently my kids didn't eat at the party...only me! ha! ha! So a quick soup and grilled cheese dinner it was! Then showers, a story about Abraham Lincoln, and then bedtime. I should have gone to bed then, but at the party, the girls and I had talked about scary movies and then scary real life stories.....so I couldn't go to sleep until Randy was home......so I finally got to sleep around 11:00 p.m.

WHEW! What a weekend! And Monday was just as crazy -- hectic morning, busy day at work, home for dinner, homework, and I had to get 3 miles in, shower, read the boys a little bit from Tales of Desperaux, Hula dancing from 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., get home and clean the kitchen a little more (my husband tries, but never fully cleans like I like it!), laundry (OH THE LAUNDRY), and finally sleep.

I often wonder before children, what I did with my time? I wouldn't change it for the world, but I would like to have a few more hours to do some much needed things like laundry and sleep! ha!

Hope you are having a wonderful week....don't forget to take time for yourself!



heresthediehl said...

we're reading desperaux right now too. it's weirder than i thought it would be.

sounds like a busy, fun, tiring weekend!

jamy said...

Hi Angela,
Thank you for the recipes. I am going to try it this weekend.
I am a RN, work 3 12hrs, and the rest of the times I work at home, LOL, seems like house works are more demanding than outside work, LOL :).
Thank you again, Angela.