Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Week 2 - $75 Week Grocery Challenge

Okay....I am in week 2 of the $75 Week Grocery Challenge and here are the results for this week!

Dozen & a half Eggs $2.00

Total - $2.13

County Market -
Cinnamon Chex $2.99
Trix (the result of having a little one with me!) $2.79
Fiber One Shredded Wheat $2.50
4 28 oz. cans Hunts Tomatoes $3.96
3 15 oz. cans generic Tomatoes w/ chiles $1.98
2 45 oz. containers Ragu Pasta Sauce $3.92 w/ store coupon
Can of Beef Gravy $0.99
Juicy Juice Grape Juice (again...little one!) $3.29
HomeLife 8-roll Paper Towels $4.99
1.81 lbs. Grapes $1.79
1 donut (again, never take children shopping with you) $0.68
2 gallons skim milk $3.98
3 8oz. Borden Shredded Cheese $6.00

Cinnamon Chex Coupon -$0.75
Fiber One Coupon -$0.75

Total - $39.01

Frozen Strawberries $2.39
Frozen Mangoes $1.69
20 Yoplait Yogurts $10.00
Cascade Dishwashing Detergent $3.59
Popsicles $2.50
Clearance Valentine's Frog Candy (for Easter baskets) $0.98
Yoplait Yogurt Coupons -$2.00
Cascade Coupon -$1.00

Total - $18.61

So, with $15.25 remaining in my budget and all of the stuff I was able to get last week during my first week of the challenge - I don't think I will have to use the rest. I am stocked up on all of the essentials for a little while and surprisingly, I am finding that by being organized, planning out menus, and going in with a list - I am not wondering down each aisle thinking "Do we need that?", "Did I just use the last of that?", and I'm not over buying.

Good luck with your shopping!



Millie said...

Good job!

Jennifer (Niffer) said...

I live in Eastern Washington(Spokane)
I shop at Fred Meyer, Albertson's, Walgreen's, and Rite Aid. Some times I'll hit WinCo and Target or Walmart.

I buy huggies and pampers. My littlest one will soak through the store brands... but I usually pay around $5-$7 for a jumbo pack (the smallest pack) so I'm all about stacking the sales and coupons. I stock up when I see a good sale.

I'd love diaper coupons if that's not too much trouble. My email is craig.jenniferATcomcastDOTnet. We can chat more by email if that's okay with you.