Thursday, February 12, 2009

How not to use coupons

That's right - I said "HOW NOT TO USE COUPONS". I am a smart person, but every now and then I do dumb I am admitting that to you right now. Here are my top 3 coupon mistakes.....learn from them!

#1 Make sure that you understand when Walgreens says it will give you $6.00 back when you buy a certain brand of razors and you have to buy 3, you should buy them all separately and not together. Not even if you are in a hurry and trying to run errands in a 45 minute time frame. Rather than getting $18.00 total, you will only get $6.00....DUH?!

#2 Make sure that the brand of jelly that is on sale matches the brand of jelly on your coupon. This will save you minor embarrassment at the checkout counter with 25 impatient people standing behind you.

#3 Make sure that you really look at the dates of the sales in the stores.....two of the stores in my hour typically run a special sale Thursday - Saturday and this week they changed it up on me and ran the special sale on Friday only....thus I was standing in line today trying to buy 4 of the sale items that don't go on sale until tomorrow. Again, embarrassing!

Happy Thursday!


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eally said...

Bless your heart! Been there done that on every one of those! LOL What makes it even worse is it seems to happen when there are like a dozen people in line behind ya! :-)