Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random bits of life

#1 As a follow up to my "$75.00 weekly challenge" post - I finished my grocery shopping for this week and here are the results - I had $7.93 remaining in my $75.00 weekly budget and spent the following today:

$3.02 @ Schnuck's - 10 lbs. potatoes
$1.86 @ County Market - 2 boxes County Market Brand Mac & Cheese $0.29 per box
3.83 lbs. bananas for $0.33/lb.
$2.03 @ Walgreen's - 2 Yes To Carrots Lip Balms (-$4.00 Coupons)
Container Buffalo Wild Wing Pringles $0.45

This brings my total grocery expenses to $73.98 leaving me $1.02 in my budget to carry over to next week. My purchases at Walgreen's today were more of a luxury thing - I had the coupons for the lip balm and they were on sale, and then I'm a little stressed right now and reached out for the comfort food (i.e., salty chips) - however, they were on clearance for $0.45, and that my friends is cheap therapy!

So, pat me on the back for today....let's hope I can continue doing so well every week!

#2 I mentioned stress, well, now that I've eaten an entire container of Pringles....I think I have the strength to tell you. (Yes, judge me all you want, I ate the whole thing - as if you've never done that!) Our elderly dog Millie is sick again. We have gone through this several times with her and we have reached a decision that is so unbelievably difficult for me. I thought I had blogged about her before....apparently not. Well, Millie is our 12 year old dog that we got from the Humane Society. She spent her first year and three months with another family and then we found her and saved her and she has been the absolute best dog ever....even though she runs away a lot (she's a hunting dog, she can't help it!). Anyway, she has had arthritis issues, seizures, hearing loss, and now she is losing control of her bowels. I will post more about her at another time....right now it's just too hard.

#3 I have to figure out how to make our mornings less challenging....Logan was whining when he woke up, Noah was great, Logan ate his scrambled eggs without a peep, Noah threw a fit because they had the wrong kind of cheese....GRRR! I refuse to give up my preference on making them a healthy breakfast to start their day.

That's all I needed to get off my chest for the moment....hope your day is going well!


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