Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We were on a break

I have taken a break on blogging, partially because my crazy life hasn't allowed for much down time. Kids, work, remodeling our home, marriage, helping others, finding out I'm allergic to chocolate.....I'M ALLERGIC TO WHAT?!! Anyway, life has taken me away from writing down the goings on in our little life and here is a recap of our events in the past month.
  • Logan is doing well, he was asked to participate in two days of intense psychological evaluations that will give us insight into how to counsel, parent, and educate him. Those results should be in soon......I can't wait; but I'm a little scared to see it all on paper.
  • There have been really good days and some really bad days. Let's just say I've cried more in this past month as a mother than I ever have. Parenting a child with challenges takes a lot out of you and there are moments when you want to scream "why can't my life be normal", but then I look at my life in that very next moment and feel incredibly blessed!
  • Randy and I are re-carpeting our bedrooms, closets, and hallway in our house and so once again, our house is a disaster - BUT, it looks really good and I told him the other day that our house is not new, but I love it and I love the location and we take one major project a year to complete and have updated it so much - so we're making it our own.
  • Last Wednesday I found out that I'm allergic to quite a few things - soy, tree nuts, cocoa nut (which includes chocolate and cola), and something in the carrot family. So I am scurrying trying to figure out what I can/can't eat. AND I'm seriously thinking about starting a food blog to help others with these weird allergies. When I find the time of course!

So there, in a nutshell are some of the things that have been preventing me from sharing with you my life stories. Hope life has been treating you well!