Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weekly Grocery Round-Up.....part of it at least!

Well, I blew the $75.00 grocery challenge on Friday afternoon as I was looking for comfort, convenience, and food that would allow our family to spend quality time with our dog that night (seriously, I'm so sorry that my posts have been so depressing lately......dare I tell you how emotional I just got leaving Meijer - the greeter lady's name was Millie and I cried! AHH!). Anyway, a run to Wal-Mart Friday afternoon with the boys resulted in the purchase of DiGiornio pizza's, Frosty Paws (for Millie & Lucy), salty snacks (for me), and ice cream (for me too!). And I think I went over by $5.00....but I justified it!

Today I went to the store for the first part of my grocery shopping this week - I will name it the first leg of my $75 weekly challenge - it sounds more interesting! ha! I will post the rest of my "legs" when I get around to them.....I won't remind you that I'm not feeling much like myself this week! ; (

Kraft Shells & Cheese (2) $4.70
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (4) Free w/ coupon
Meijer French Fries 32 oz. bag Free w/ purchase
Smart Balance Cooking Spray $1.89 w/ coupon
Smart Balance Butter (2) $3.00 w/ coupon
Smart Balance Butter Sticks Free w/ coupon
Smart Balance Popcorn (2) $1.69 w/ coupon & Buy one, get one free
Hebrew National Hot Dogs $2.99 w/ coupon
Green Grapes 1.91 lb. $1.89
Loaf Arnold Potato Bread $0.79 w/ coupon
Thomas English Muffins $0.25 w/ coupon
Baked Cheetos $2.00 w/ coupon
Tyson Bag Breaded Chicken Strips (2) $8.25 w/ coupon

Total w/ tax $29.42

I bought some things that weren't a great deal - but used coupons or bought them as a part of a promotion....the hot dogs, shells & cheese, Baked Lays, and another blasted freezer bag to hold my frozen foods while I work - but I still have $45.58 left in my budget and I know that I don't have that much to buy this week really. With store promotions, non-coupon savings, and coupon savings - my total savings at Meijer was $30.37. So not too bad! Plus I got bread & english muffins for super cheap with coupons, free Kraft Mac & Cheese, and lots of the Smart Balance products were either free or a great deal.

I will tell you that while shopping, I saw a lady with several containers of chicken breasts and ground chicken with the BIG ORANGE STICKERS BLARING 40% my frugal self rushed right over to the meat counter to check out the chicken and when I realized that she had cleaned out the clearance chicken I think I mumbled some not nice words under my breath! ha! She beat me to a bargain darn it! And then I pulled myself together, reminded myself that I did not need meat this week and I didn't have anywhere to put it while I was at work and then I grumbled a congratulations! ha! ha!

Again, I will post the rest of my frugal finds later......there isn't much this week as I am still using reserves of pasta, meat, yogurt, etc., but I know you are all just waiting on the edge of your seats! ha! ha!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!


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