Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coupon Confusion

I'm getting the hang of this coupon thing.....however, the young cashier at our local grocery store is not.

Last night a trip to our local store for milk, eggs, juice, and a bag of chips that I estimated as costing about $9.00 with my coupons nearly cost me $22.29. When I protested and made the young man void the transaction and go through the groceries again, the total was $7.28.

Gallon Skim Milk (2) $2.00 w/ coupon (I just now realized he only charged me for 1!!)
Juicy Juice (2) $1.50 w/ coupon (again, he only charged me for 1???)
Doritos $1.89 w/ coupon
Dozen Large Eggs $0.99 w/ coupon
Dozen 1/2 Large Eggs $1.85

Somewhere along the way I had $0.95 taken off.....because my total was $7.28 w/ tax. What a terrible shopping trip - I am going to call the manager today to let them know that I wasn't charged for most of my stuff and originally the total was $22.29? I wasn't being mean or anything, but that kid was flustered!

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