Monday, March 9, 2009

My dream.....every mom's dream!

I don't always remember my dreams, there are nights that I don't know if I even had dreams - moms, I'm sure you can all relate! However, last night I had a good one and I REMEMBERED IT! Let me share it with you.......

A limo pulled up to my driveway and the driver (who just so happens to be the security guard in my building) announced that I had won a three day all-inclusive trip for two to the Bahamas and I had 5 minutes to pack my bags. I was home alone with the kids and was frantically running around packing my bags and I was so upset because I hadn't brought my summer clothes down from the attic yet, so I was making due with what I had in my closet and drawers. I was trying to call my sister so she could go with me ( reality I had worked all weekend on a home improvement project with my husband, so even in my dreams, he was the last person that I wanted to take on the trip with me! ha! ha!). And I was trying to make babysitting arrangements for my kids until my husband got home. Gary, the limo driver (real life security guard) was counting down the minutes until the limo left......I was just about out of the door when I was awaken by the alarm. DARN IT!

I love my family, they are my life, however, the very thought of having three days of bliss on a beach somewhere by myself or with my sister was awesome!, back to my dreary Monday where there are schedules to keep, meals to plan, kids to transport, lunches to pack, bills to pay.......reality!

Hope you have a great week!


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