Friday, March 6, 2009

Weekend Warrior Project

It started last night with what sounded like a jack hammer on the floor in our entryway.....the slate floor that has been cracking for a few years now is coming up and a beautiful ceramic tile floor is going to be laid in its place. YIPPEE!

The paint in entryway and our living room will now be a rich Applesauce Cake vs. the faded yellow that survived a short home daycare stint - red crayon on yellow walls - OH MY!

I couldn't be happier about this - I have patiently waited as new windows were installed, new gutters put up, a new air conditioner, a new air blowing unit in the attic, deck torn out and new patio poured......a lot of outdoor projects have come and gone while I picked out my paint colors, wrote down what needed to be done first inside, and prayed that Randy would finally listen to my plea of "please look into putting new tile in our bathtub"!

I have strategically placed rugs to cover cracks and/or stains on the floor, I even strategically place shampoo bottles to cover ickiness in our bathtub tile......and now I am going to get new tile in my entry way, kitchen/dining area, and bathtub, our old kitchen wallpaper is going to come down and new paint will go up, I will update our cabinets with new handles to freshen them up a bit, and I am going to repaint a few other rooms to freshen them up. We take our tax refund do everything we possibly can with it - and thankfully I am blessed with a handy husband who has saved us thousands of dollars by doing everything himself.

This weekend kicks off our first project and I am thrilled - I am not a huge fan of painting.....but I am a huge fan of FINALLY putting up all of the new shelving that I've had set aside for over a year and is going to keep us super organized right?!, the beautiful metal tree thing that I got from Pottery Barn, the gorgeous sleek black console table that is still in the box, and the candle holders that are still securely in their boxes ready for display!

What projects do you have going on this weekend?

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heresthediehl said...

I love home improvement projects...but we only do manageable stuff like painting and little projects b/c we are NOT handy! I so wish we were...

We've been in this house 5 years, and we've pretty much done what we wanted/needed to inside - it's the outside that needs rescuing now. I'll be cleaning up the yard a bit this weekend, I'm sure.