Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mothering Boys pt. 2

This will not be a glowing post about mothering boys, this is a complaint, a call for help, a mother's plea for assistance......PLEASE!

Why are boys so physical? Why must they work things out by jumping on, pushing, hitting, biting, etc.

This morning Noah pushed Logan to get the "good seat" in the back seat of the car. Yesterday Logan hit another little boy because the other little boy was teasing Noah....which was hard to fight because he was sticking up for his little brother and he said that they were trying to walk away. And then today, Logan got into a fight with another little boy because the other little boy was calling him names. Again, that's tough to fight because he was getting teased, however, it's not how you should handle the situation.

I will talk to him about this, about how using violence to fight violence is never the answer, I will help him to see alternatives for handling situations like this.......I will probably pull my hair out before he ever "gets it".

This is one area of mothering boys that I don't get - they solve everything physically and as a woman I want to "talk it out". Where is the balance? How can I find a happy medium for all of us? Can I cure cancer and rid of worldwide hunger while I'm at it? UGH, mothering boys is tough!

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heresthediehl said...

I don't have a clue. But it's definitely in the DNA.

I would LOVE to see my oldest stick up for my middle would be hard for me to discipline that, but obviously, you try to instill that there are other ways to work things out!

I have a story I'll post soon re: this topic, too!