Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Bits of Life

#1 As you all know, our little family is grieving the loss of our loving 12-year old dog Millie. We continue to talk about our good memories of her and I've only cried a little bit today....I miss her, we had a routine for 11 years and it's tough not to notice she's there.

#2 We have all be so sick lately - colds, strep throat, bronchitis, croup, flu....I swear there are 25 different types of medicines on our counter and I need a notebook to keep track of them to make sure nobody is overdosing or taking someone else's medicines.

#3 MICE - to add to the stress of the weekend, while sitting in a chair with Millie on Friday night I caught sight of a mouse gingerly walking across our fireplace...very close to where Millie was. In my head I was screaming "Millie, wake up baby, this is your last chance to prove to me that you can hunt" (see this post for details). Seeing as she couldn't hear and that I didn't want her last night with me to be in the bath following the bloodshed, I went to the store and bought 8 mousetraps - why that many you ask - because I wanted to catch that sucker! Over the course of the weekend we caught 4 and I feel disgusting.....our house is clean, I have vacuumed a million times, shut down food operations outside of the kitchen/dining room, and my husband keeps reminding me that it's not because we're dirty. So far the traps have been empty for the past 2 days, but they are still set and ready for action, and my handy man husband has done something near our kitchen window that he thinks might help.

#4 I have to laugh at myself......you know, I really have blonde moments sometimes that are just so funny.

Here is an example of my true hair color - Two weeks ago a guy I went to school with IM'd me on Facebook and asked me if I had a date for the class reunion we have this summer. I responded to him that I would probably be going with my husband, to which he quickly responded, "I wanted to know the date of the reunion, I wasn't asking you out". Oh, duh!

Go ahead and laugh, it's okay - I did!

#5 Marathon/Half-Marathon - because I've been sick and am still sick along with a terrible backache, my marathon hopes have been cut to half-marathon hopes. I was pushing it to train for the marathon in 12-weeks, and just hope that I get better in time enough to do the half. Seems that my immune system is pretty weak this season and the stress of what we went through recently has really flared up my lupus.

#6 Summer is coming.....there is a time change this weekend, the sun is shining brighter, there is warmer weather (I am thinking 30 degrees is warmer, maybe I'm delusional!), and the kids are just chomping at the bit to get outside and I'm more than happy to send them! I'm looking forward to cookouts with our friends, bike rides, playing in the field behind our house, t-ball/baseball games, opening windows and feeling the breeze, fishing at my parents lake, and getting our garden in (aptly named Millie's Garden).

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heresthediehl said...

Cracking up at #4! So funny.

We had mice in our basement, too...thankfully, they stayed there. But I was massively pregnant with baby #3, and we'd caught 2 in 2 days, so I called the exterminator. We live in a wooded neighborhood, so now we just keep up the services with him for prevention, because ICK! It's just b/c it's cold outside, not b/c of your housekeeping skills!