Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blog hunting for deals

Since I'm a deer hunter's wife, I thought I would make a play on words to represent MY type of hunting. I am a bargain hunter and it's not because I'm cheap, it's because you can have the best in life for less just takes a little investigative work! One way that I "hunt" for bargains is by checking out blogs. Some of these women put so much time and effort into finding the best for less, that I thought it would be really cool to promote their blogs!

I am listing here my Top #5 money saving blogs - enjoy!

Consumer Queen - Melissa started her blog for fun, then it became a necessity when her husband fell ill and the medical bills were high. She has great tips, always has awesome contests, and promotes high quality items for great prices! The link I posted here is regarding a contest through Frigidaire and a chance to win a year's supply of Tide! I hope that some of my readers can benefit from her frugal shopping and enjoy her witty sense of humor!

The Happy Housewife - Happy is a military wife and mother to seven children.....I love her tips for saving money by using what you have, good recipes, and funny stories! She and her husband live debt free....something I long for - no house payment, car payment, student loans......maybe one day! The link I provided you with is regarding food storage - something I am always learning about because it pains me to throw away food that could have been frozen, canned, etc. - it's like throwing away money! I hope her household tips and humor help you in your life!

The Grocery Cart Challenge - Gayle is a home schooling mother who feeds her family of 6 on $60 a week.....I know right?! She is amazing! She and her husband left their high paying jobs and started their own business and along the way she learned great tips/tricks on how to stay within that budget and still feed their family well. The link I am posting is her "confession" of if she always stay on her menu plan or not. You must read her blog, she is so funny and gives amazing tips for everything from beauty, laundry, clothing, and of course food.

Addicted To Savings - Elisa started her blog as a way to document their journey from living with family to owning their own home. Now she maintains her blog to share some of the great deals that she finds along the way and I have found some of the best deals on her sight! The link I am posting is one for a $5.00 rebate from Real Simple magazine....and I happen to have coupons for many of the products listed! Make sure to check her blog weekly, if not daily for amazing deals at local stores!

Frugal Finds From Your Frugal Friend - Carol is a wonderfully funny lady that blogs about great store deals, recipes, and just humor of life! I have found really good deals, offers, etc. through her and know you would enjoy her blog. The link I have provided here is for natural ways to fight off the we could certainly all use right now! Enjoy her blog!

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