Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What do you say ALOT?

Okay, I realized today that I say two words ALL THE TIME......Crack and Awesome.

When something is crazy good - like my friend Briana's Buffalo Chicken Dip, Oreo Cake, or anything that she makes - it becomes "crack dip" or "crack cake". This morning I was straightening my hair and I said that my hair was on crack because it has grown SO much and when my oldest son asked me what that meant - I replied that it just meant that my hair was crazy. BUT on my way to work I wondered what a teacher or another adult would say if my son simply said "my mom is on crack"......UGH! I need to change that - I need to find another word for these things - preferably something I wouldn't mind coming out of my childs mouth!!

I say awesome all the time....my boss asks me to do something and my reply is never "okay" - it's always "awesome" with a sarcastic tone. There are things in life that are truly awesome....my friends baby girl Mia who is overcoming the hurdles of CDH - Mighty Mia is awesome and awe inspiring!

And apparently I roll my eyes all the time....and they are not stuck in that position mom!!! But that's just a silly habit that goes along with my sometimes sarcastic responses.....OOPS!

What do you say and/or do a lot that you sometimes think "EEK....I should really change that?!"

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