Thursday, October 1, 2009

Little Charlie

Our family has been blessed with a new addition....Charlie the Yorkie came into our family recently and has adjusted to the madness quite well!

We were of course heartbroken to lose our Millie earlier this year and while we love our lab, Lucy, we really wanted to add one more to our tribe because we are just one of those "two dog" families I think.

Charlie is 7 months old and has been a joy - he's playful, easy for the boys to help take care of, he loves to snuggle, and one of the greatest things....he is not a yapper! We thought because of the breed, he might be - but he's not. In the first 48 hours of having him we didn't hear a peep out of him!

I know that the responsibility of taking care of our dogs falls mainly on my shoulders - but I don't mind this 9 lb. sweet face. He is enjoyable, sweet, and we feel truly blessed with him!

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