Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome to the Imperfect Perfectly Normal Mothers Club

You know, as a mother you sometimes feel like you are juggling sooooo much and sometimes the ball drops and I have to remember that as long as we have our health, our tummies are full, our bodies are clothed properly, and we have a roof over our head, then I am doing a good job.

I dropped the ball on Monday by forgetting to send a snack with my son and I didn't realize it until Tuesday which my son proceeded to tell me that it had made him cry! UGH! Visualize us scurrying to Wal-Mart for snacks immediately following his dance class.....ha! ha!

I mentioned this on my Facebook and was overjoyed with my fellow FB moms who proceeded to chime in with "if you think that's bad....this one time I......." and I felt completely normal. It brought me out of the dark hole that I had climbed into - protecting myself from the perfect mothers who take the time to bake allergen free cupcake from scratch with hidden vegetables in them and frosting from honey they processed themselves. I am NORMAL, not perfect.....normal!

And as I was getting this rush of advice and wondering if any of my fellow FB moms who weren't responding to me were thinking "that's terrible", "her poor child" or God forbid "I would never forget my childs snack day"......I received great life advice from one of my guilty pleasures....a reality show on MTV - The City.

In a response regarding backstabbing/back-biting/competition a jewelry designer advises someone to "stay refined, stay elegant and the others will fall to the wayside". *sound the heavenly angels please* And armed with that wonderful advice, I will stay refined, stay elegant and let the perfect mothers out there fall to the wayside. Because as someone said to me, if you got through your day and everyone was safe and healthy and the only thing that was dropped was snacks on snack day, then it was a good day.

Now.....hold your head up high normal mothers.....we should be proud of everything we do! In the past 12 hours my imperfect self sat with my children and ate my breakfast which put a little crunch on my morning routine of hair and make-up (you know, a ponytail and few brush strokes of blush, powder, or whatever is in the make-up bag) - so I had to do my make-up in the car on the way to work, last night I was in a rush and did NOT pick up fast food or food from the deli - I made my children a homemade meal with love (boiled noodles and sauce from a jar) and they loved it, and tonight my children may not get a shower because of our crunched schedule due to catechism class. But it's okay.....everyone will survive, life will stay on course, and I will always hold my head up high!

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