Monday, October 27, 2008

Blogging Bits

Here are a few mini-blogs for Monday -

#1 My husband whisked me away for a surprise weekend out of town. It was great - we headed down to my cousin's weekend home on Lake Sara in Effingham. Their home is set in a very wooded, serene, and quiet part of the lake and I was excited to have the chance to get away. An added bonus (well, maybe not bonus?!), Randy packed for me. On the way down there I asked him if he packed me any normal underwear....ha! When I went to put on my pajamas I noticed that he had packed a bra that I should probably throw away - it only has one hook, is really uncomfortable, and is frayed and he packed another bra that I haven't worn since before I had children. He packed only one pair of socks. Nothing he packed really matched, I swear he's color blind. Never the less, it was relaxing and nice to get away. We had some really nice dinners, had a chance to catch a movie, took a quiet walk together and through the whole weekend we didn't yet "no" or "stop that".

#2 Bad news, it just seems like we've received a fair share of bad news lately. A friend of ours is pregnant and they know already that the baby has a serious birth defect and it's going to be touch and go when the baby is delivered, another friend of ours just found out that their child has cancer, an uncle of Randy's might have cancer of the mouth, a friend of ours broke his back, neck, and possibly punctured a lung by falling out of his tree stand. I'm sending out prayers to all of these people that everything gets better, goes smoothly and that their normal life resumes.

#3 "I don't like the green stuff".....this is a quote from the movie "Mystic Pizza". I ordered lobster on Friday for our anniversary dinner and there was green stuff on it and I couldn't remember just what the green stuff was......if it was supposed to be enjoyed or scraped off - well, I ate it and it actually wasn't until half-way through that I realized what I was eating. I looked it up today and along with my yummy lobster and rum butter sauce I ate the lobsters liver and digestive system. BLECK! I survived, however, I will remember in the future - when I order lobster, order it without the green stuff. ha!

#4 My 10 lbs. that I would like to lose is slowly turning into 15/20 lbs., especially after this weekend of indulging in yummy lobster, movie popcorn, an entire bag of peanut M&M's, a huge stack of pancakes Saturday morning, and pizza last night. I got an iPod for my anniversary and have loaded on it all of my cardio music, above my office is a quarter mile track, I have no excuses on the exercise part.....I just need to do less indulging and more sweating! Especially with the holidays coming up.....ugh!

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carichblogs said...

My favorite workout song right now is Womanizer by Britney Spears... If that song won't get you moving, nothing will!!

Having said that, though, don't be so hard on yourself. Enjoy the body you have while working on making it healthier :)