Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pardon the interuption.......

Well, well, well.....so we meet again! I have found blogging to be a little bit of a problem (hence my last post was August 28th)! Finding time for a blog hasn't been an issue; finding topics that interest everyone has been my problem.

This morning as another possible topic popped into my head I had a realization; this is my blog and I'll post what I want to. So I am.

I am going to post a few snippets of blogs that I've considered in the last month and a half - if you like them - great, if not - I don't care - get your own blog! ha! ; )

#1 - I hate my husband in the morning.

I'm not totally a morning person; I like the quiet, I like to slowly wake myself up, I like my frickin' coffee first! My husband walks loud, turns on all the lights, talks loudly, tries to be funny, is always in a hurry and scurrying myself and the children about to "get in the car", and is constantly telling me what time it is. I hate him in the mornings. Here is what I would like to tell him:

"I know what time it is - I've been able to tell time since about the first grade."
"Your jokes are not funny and I'm not amused until I've digested my first cup of coffee."
"Yelling at us to get into the car is not going to make me tie my shoes any faster."
and finally
"I hate you in the mornings."

#2 - The economy sucks and I'm tired of political talk.

We all feel the pinch of the economy and it really stinks. I'm quite the bargain shopper and am not too proud to use coupons and shop sales - so I'm glad for that; but despite my frugal ways - we don't see our savings growing, we find ourselves telling the children "no" more often for those unnecessary things, we're cutting out lots of extra stuff, and we are stretching our budget as far as we can. I heard a quote yesterday that made total sense to me "Don't try and keep up with the Jones'; because the Jones' are broke" - isn't that the truth. Randy and I have never been ones to live our lives in the race to have the newest, biggest, best of anything.....thank goodness for that.

And with the election around the corner all of the pointing fingers, mud slinging, bashing going on......it's nice to know that it will be over shortly and maybe a new person in office will bring some much needed relief to the economic crisis we are all facing.

#3 - Be happy with the weight you are at!

I'm embracing my body and loving my curves - sort of! I lost over 50 lbs. two years ago and gained about 20 of it back. I am still within a healthy weight range for my height; however I'm not totally happy with where I'm at and struggle with losing at least 10 lbs. - these same 10 lbs. have plagued me for about a year now.

In the past I had an eating disorder - it started in high school and I fought with it for many years, so I have to be really careful about not falling into that pattern again. I tried to as recently as a month ago - I convinced myself that if I could just get sick again for a little bit; I would shed those 10 lbs. and I would stop being sick. DUMB - so dumb! I wasn't a good mommy - I was in pain. I heard my promise to my good friend that "I will never do it again, I promise". And it wasn't worth it.

In the past it was worth it because I had nothing to lose except weight (or so I thought), in my 30's it's different - I have everything to lose. If I died because of the combination of diet pills, laxatives, diuretics, etc. - I would hurt my husband, my children, my family, and my friends. So I stopped and am embracing my weight, my size, my curves and if I take my time and really think about diet and exercise maybe I'll lose those 10 lbs., if not - it's okay.

And speaking of my size......I have vowed never to buy low rise jeans again - I am a mommy and have had two babies - my waist line looks 100% better in mid-rise (not quite mommy jeans) - no more muffin top - the mid-rise covers those side areas that hang over the low-rise and no more fear of my underwear hanging out if I bend over. I caught a glimpse of myself in my mid-rise this morning and I was very pleased - my shirt is tucked in, my waist line isn't hanging over and I look stream lined. If I were on "What Not To Wear" I think they would be pleased with my choice.

#4 - In the event of an emergency; remain calm.

Driving down a dark country road last night with my two children in the back my rear tire blew out and I began swerving all over the road. As a mother I wanted to remain calm; as the person driving the car I screamed like I had just seen a ghost. My two children were just as freaked out and my reaction did not help them I'm sure!

Luckily we knew the people that lived at the nearest house and with my cell phone I got a hold of Randy who came and put the small tire on and everything was fine. But I fear that my children will be forever scarred for life by the experience.

Thank goodness my husband went for the "Roadside Assistance" package on the tires and I was in and out of the tire place within an hour at no extra cost. Whew!

#5 - "Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat"

Holiday madness is upon us. Just as soon as stores get out their Halloween decorations out; they start putting up little Christmas aisles as well and it's just a reminder that we are approaching our deadlines for all of those things we promise our children through the year. I find myself saying in the store toy aisle "That's a nice toy honey, let's put that on your Christmas list and maybe Santa will bring that to you"; hoping that statement will get me out of the store without incident.

This Christmas I'm thinking of doing many homemade gifts to help keep down the cost of the holidays.....I know that our kindergarten teacher likes coffee and I found a great recipe for homemade lattes, those cookie mix jars are super simple to put together and decorate and I'm thinking of personalizing those for my dear friends, and my sister loves to workout and I'm thinking of putting together a little basket for her with a workout CD, personalized water bottle, etc.

However, I face a dilemma, what would I think if I received gifts like this - would I love them or think the person giving them to me was cheap? I think I would totally love them and my hope is that nobody thinks I'm cheap. What are your thoughts on this? And what other ideas might you have for inexpensive, homemade gifts.

Have a great week everyone!


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