Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Today is my 10 year wedding anniversary and I have to admit, while it's not been an easy road - it's been totally worth it. I have a wonderful husband who is also a great father and we fit perfectly. Here is a run down of the years we have been married (also, as a side note, we've been technically together 16 years on December 12th).

1998 - fabulously fun wedding, great honeymoon to Mexico
1999 - supporting each other as I went back to school, began coaching basketball, and Randy and I both had career changes
2000 - fun trip to Florida for Spring Break, Randy graduated from Sheetmetal school, found out we were pregnant with our first child on Thanksgiving Day
2001 - put together a nursery together, went through a HOT summer with many electrical outages!, had Logan William on July 12th, career change for me and Randy returned to his previous employer
2002 - bought a new house, found out we were pregnant a second time, fun trip to Disney
2003 - prepared for the birth of our second baby, Noah John was born May 30th
2004 - I stopped working and started a daycare in our home, Logan was hospitalized with encephalitis
2005 - Rough year - I had major surgery, rough road trip with the two kids to Pennsylvania, we hit some difficult financial times, and Randy changed jobs
2006 - Much better year - Randy and I both took our health seriously and lost weight, we supported each other as we watched our good friends lose their child, Noah was hospitalized for a short while with a viral infection, and I returned to work full time
2007 - New truck for Randy, home windows, a new a/c unit and lots of updates in the attic, summer trip to Chicago, Logan started kindergarten, Noah hospitalized throughout October with appendicitis and a bacterial infection in his intestine, met a wonderful group of people that have quickly become great friends
2008 - More home patio in the backyard, Randy started playing softball again, lots of summer fun with baseball, cookouts, and tons of fun with our friends (Fun Day - bounce house/John's firework/Princess much fun!), both boys in school, Logan broke his arm, Logan needing glasses, and so much more I'm sure!

Nothing too exciting.....but it's mine and I'm content and happy and want nothing more or less. In between all of this has been laughter, anger, tears, heartbreak, sadness, joy, and love.....that's marriage - it's growing pains, compromise, and companionship. Randy is truly my best friend and we just balance each other out - once again, we are a perfect fit.

Love ya babe!


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Cari Rich said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging... I missed you!

And congrats on your anniversary. 10 years is definitely a milestone.