Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Never give up. Never ever give up.

Sometimes in life you have a goal that nags you - it's one of those goals that you set but it's easy to set aside when life comes your off all your debt, finish school, lose 10 pounds, run a marathon. Run a marathon? WHAT? Who wants to do that and WHY?

Well, I have always wanted to complete a marathon, not because I'm a super runner and could totally blow everyone out of the water, it's something that I personally would like to accomplish. I just have always said I would like to run one. I watched the documentary "The Spirit of the Marathon" and one of my favorite quotes was "There are people that are competing and there are people that are completing" - and I am in it to complete it and my only competition is myself.

Running has always been a good release for stress.....and if you have read my posts lately, you know that our little family is incredibly stressed at times - so I should be a really GOOD runner! ha! Last year I started training for it and got half-way through and my Lupus flared up and knocked me down for months. I had declared I was running for someone else and felt disappointed when I couldn't complete it.....this year I'm running for myself. I'm running to prove to myself that I have the ability to face a challenge head on and the discipline to prepare for it.

I have in the past run a half-marathon - I did not train for it properly and I was terribly, terribly overweight. I finished it and that's about all I can say - it wasn't pretty and I know that given the opportunity to do it again, I would have prepared my body better for that race. So right now I am registered for the marathon and am going through the training to complete it - given that my Lupus stays quiet I will be able to put a check mark next to "run a marathon" on my "To Do Eventually List". Now....gotta go, gotta get those miles in!

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