Monday, February 14, 2011

Technology Is Creating So Many Issues

This weekend I was behind a van at a stoplight and I could clearly see the movie "Nemo" and I wondered.......what if I rear-ended the van because the movie was at one of my favorite parts and I wasn't paying attention?  What would I tell the officer?  Wouldn't it be the fault of the car in front of me for playing one of my favorite movies?  Does my insurance cover that?  Do they now have to write tickets for "following too closely due to moving viewing"?  Technology has created so many issues. 

Another issue, well not really an issue, but a loss of a freedom - is the fact that we have almost completely lost the ability to prank call someone.  I mean....cell phones give the number right there, most home phones now have caller ID, and the internet has the reverse telephone number look-up abilities to give your "victim" all of your contact information and totally gives you up right then and there.  I mean.....when I was a kid it was so fun to call random people and tell them that they won a radio contest, or give them a false name and have a funny conversation with them.....all good clean fun really and totally harmless.  My kids will never have the ability to do that due to technology and if one night I have too much wine and feel a little silly, I will be unable to do that too. 

And another networking sites like Facebook have the ability to ruin playing hooky.  I mean if you are a student or work and you "call in sick" and then you have friends post pictures of you laying out, having lunch, shopping, OR you update your location from your phone not thinking that someone at work or school will rat you out.  Playing hooky occasionally is completely harmless and sometimes is necessary for mental health purposes.  If you are going to do this - DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT get online or on your phone for that entire day.  When you play hooky from work, school, etc., play hooky from technology that day too. 

That's all.....just a few random observations from me. 

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Anonymous said...

haha! i'd never even thought about not being able to prank people.

technology stinks :)