Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jock Straps and Tackle Boxes

I have to laugh being the only girl in a male-dominated household - there are many first for me on a daily basis and there are a lot of things that just make me scratch my head. 

Here is an actual conversation between my husband and I yesterday -

DH:  Oops, I forgot to stop by the store and pick up a jock strap for Logan.
Me:  Do you want me to do that on my way home from work?
DH:  Can you please?
(long pause)
Me:  What do I look for?  I've never had to buy one of these before!

First time buying one of those, certainly not the last!  And the even more funny story comes from our 9 year old son trying one on the first time!  Let me just say we were all giggling and it was a hilarious family moment! 

On the same day as this whole jock strap experience, me, the mother to boys that I don't completely understand why they do the things they do, or smell the way they smell (ha!) was cleaning the bathroom when I found a small tackle box in the magazine rack next to the toilet.  Really?  A tackle box?  I guess that's just good time management on my sons part, but just another thing that baffles my female mind. 

Boys are so fun and I enjoy being the princess of the house.......sometimes! 

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